Global Venue Services, working with Propel have created a shared service business, to support the sports, leisure, health and entertainment sectors.

The business is being led by Tom Hill, Manchester United’s former Global Head of Partnerships & Operations and Chief Commercial Officer at World Rugby.

Why have we created a shared service business?

By grouping together, clubs, leagues and organisations get economies of scale they are unable to achieve on their own & can become more efficient. Improving operational excellence and delivering potential savings of 30% in the following areas:

What are the benefits for our customers?

  • The number one reason sports businesses outsource is to focus on revenue generation and investing in the vital aspects of their organisation.
  • Cost efficiency
  • Scale & consistency
  • An improved experience for players, fans, employees and stakeholders

We believe we can add value to the following organisations

We believe we can add value to the following organisations

  • Olympic Sports funded by UK Sport & the National Lottery
  • Federations & Leagues
  • Commercial Sports Organisations
  • Other Public Bodies & Charities
  • Sports and Non-Sports Member Organisations
  • Venues & Events
  • Lower League Teams

For further information

Please contact Tom Hill [email protected]
07801 691590

About Propel

Propel, co-founded by Matt Willcocks, is a collective of specialists from the sport, health and wellbeing sectors who grow businesses fast. The members of the Propel Collective believe that impact is a team sport and measure their value through the financial and social value that their contribution generates. Propel supports a range of businesses and management teams in the sector, and partners the Sheffield Olympic Legacy Park, where it leads the creation of an innovation ecosystem and accelerator that combines the strengths of everyone associated with the park to generate impact.